"4+1" Programs for Economics Students

“4+1” Programs for Economics Students

The Certificate Programs in economics are a natural path to a number of “4+1” programs within Rutgers University, whereby well-prepared students can receive some credit towards a master’s degree during their senior year, and then complete a master’s degree with one more year of coursework. The Certificate in Economic Theory and the Certificate in Quantitative Economics are particularly well-suited to this purpose, as they include more emphasis on mathematics and statistics as part of the program. The other Certificate programs in economics, or the Economics Major without a Certificate, are also fine, provided students are prepared to do the additional mathematics courses (a second semester of calculus, at a minimum) that most of these programs entail. Links to the different programs we recommend are listed below. Contact the advisors for the specific programs, or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.in Economics, for more information. Although we are referring to these as “4+1” programs, the different programs may use different terminology. But it is possible in all of these programs to complete a BA in 4 years and then a master’s degree in one more year, with appropriate planning and preparation.

MBS in Data Analytics 4+1: Students should contact Professor Deborah Silver with questions about the “4+1” version of the program. This program is run by the Master of Business and Science programs in the Graduate School-New Brunswick.


MS in Mathematical Finance 4+1: Contact Professor Paul Feehan with questions. This program is run by the Department of Mathematics in New Brunswick.


MBA in Professional Accounting 4+1: Contact the Graduate Admissions Office of the Rutgers Business School for more information: