To All Economics Majors and Minors:

This message is to alert you to a change in requirements concerning grades in prerequisite courses for core and elective courses in economics. The new rule is that a grade of C or better is required in each prerequisite course in order for it to satisfy the prerequisite requirement.

Students will no longer be able to add courses to their schedule that require prerequisites of "C" or higher if they have a grade of "D" in any of the pre-requisites for the course. Students will need to repeat "D" grades and earn a minimum grade of "C" in each prerequisite prior to taking these courses.

Here are a few examples:

minimum grades of "C" in 220:102, 103 and Calculus I are necessary to enroll in Intermediate Macroeconomics 220:321
minimum grades of "C" in 220:102, 103, Calculus I and Stats are necessary to enroll in Econometrics 220:322
minimum grades of "C" in 220:320 and 322 are necessary to enroll in courses such as Labor Economics 220:302, Financial Economics 220:393, etc.