Ira N. Gang is a Professor of Economics at Rutgers University, USA.  He published papers on development, migration and public policy, public choice, political economy and labor economics in leading economics journals.  He was one of the founding editors of the Review of Development Economics, and is an Associate Editor/Editorial Board member of several journals, including the Journal of Population Economics. He is a Research Fellow at IZA and several other academic institutes.

Selected Publications

  • Good Governance and Good Aid Allocation (with Gil S. Epstein), Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming.
  • Understanding the Development of Fundamentalism (with Gil S. Epstein) Public Choice (2007) 132(3-4) 257-271
  • Self-Selection and Earnings During Volatile Transition (with Ralitza Dimova) Journal of Comparative Economics (2007) 35(3) 612-629
  • Returns to Returning (with Cathy Y. Co and Myeong-Su Yun) Journal of Population Economics, (2000) 13(1) 57-79
  • Corruption, Tax Evasion and the Laffer Curve (with Omkar Goswami and Amal Sanyal) Public Choice 105 (2000) 61-78
  • Is Child Like Parent? Educational Attainment and Ethnic Origin (with Klaus F. Zimmermann) Journal of Human Resources, 35 (2000) 550-569.