• Moehling, Carolyn
  • Position: Senior Vice Provost and Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, and Professor of Economics
  • Specialty: Economic History and Labor Economics
  • Location: New Jersey Hall 303B

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Professor Moehling earned her Ph.D. from Northwestern University and held appointments at Ohio State and Yale before joining the Department of Economics in 2006. She is an economic historian who studies the interactions of households, markets, and the government in the past. In recent work, she has examined the relationship between immigration and crime in the early twentieth century U.S. and the political economy and efficacy of the federal Sheppard-Towner program of the 1920s, which provided funding to the states to promote maternal and infant health. She is currently engaged in a project examining the transformation in medical education in the first few decades of the twentieth century and its effects on the practice of medicine and health outcomes. She has served on the Boards of Trustees of the Economic History Association and the Cliometric Society.

Selected Publications

  • “Votes for Women: An Economic Perspective on Women’s Enfranchisement,” with Melissa A. Thomasson. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 34 (Spring 2020): 3-24.
  • “Medical Education Reforms and the Origins of the Rural Physician Shortage,” with Gregory T. Niemesh, Melissa A. Thomasson, and Jaret Treber. Cliometrica 14 (2020): 181-225. (published on-line May 4, 2019).
  • "Saving Babies: The Contribution of Sheppard-Towner to the Decline in Infant Mortality in the 1920s," with Melissa A. Thomasson. Demography 51 (April 2014): 367-386.
  • "Immigrant Assimilation into U.S. Prisons, 1900-1930," with Anne Morrison Piehl, Journal of Population Economics, 27 (January 2014): 173-200.
  • "Short Criminals: Stature and Crime in Early America," with Howard Bodenhorn and Gregory N. Price, Journal of Law and Economics 55 (May 2012): 393-419.
  • "The Political Economy of Saving Mothers and Babies: The Politics of State Participation in the Sheppard-Towner Program," with Melissa A. Thomasson, Journal of Economic History 72 (March 2012): 75-103.
  • "Immigration, Crime, and Incarceration in Early 20th Century America," with Anne Morrison Piehl, Demography 46 (November 2009): 739-763.