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Hugh Rockoff received his A.B. from Earlham College in 1967 and his Ph.D. from Chicago in 1972. He began teaching (mainly U.S. economic history, money and banking, and history of economic thought) at Rutgers in 1971.  His primary research interests include the history of price controls, the U.S. economy in World War II, and U.S. monetary history. If you would like to learn more, you can read an interview that appeared in the Cliometric Society Newsletter.

Selected Publications

  • “Prodigals and Projectors: An Economic History of Usury Laws in the United States from Colonial Times to 1900,” in Human Capital and Institutions: A Long-run View, eds. David Eltis, Frank D. Lewis and Kenneth L. Sokoloff, 285-323. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.
  • Caruana, Leonard, and Hugh Rockoff. 2007. “An elephant in the garden: The Allies, Spain, and Oil in World War II,” European Review of Economic History 11, (2) (August): 159-87.
  • Landon Lane, John, and Hugh Rockoff. 2007. “The origin and diffusion of shocks to regional interest rates in the United States, 1880-2002,” Explorations in Economic History 44, (3) (July): 487-500.
  • Ignacio Briones and Hugh Rockoff. “Do Economists Reach a Conclusion on Free-Banking Episodes,” Economic Journal Watch, Volume 2, Number 2, August 2005, Pp. 279-324.