Rutgers Working Paper Submission Form

Rutgers Working Paper Submission Form

Please fill out the following information for your new or existing paper. When you are done, press the Submit button at the bottom of the form. If you have any questions or problems filling out this form, please submit a workorder.

Paper Information


An email confirming submission of this working paper will be sent to the person listed as Author 1, below. If more than six authors are needed, please submit a workorder for assistance.

Author 1. At least one author is required.




JEL Code(s)

Need help remembering your JEL Codes? Link to JEL Classification System

Your paper should be saved in PDF format. (.pdf) Max file size is 5 MB.


If you intend the paper to be available electronically select yes in the box below. Note that most publishers require you to remove papers from electronic archives after they have appeared in print.


Publication Status (optional)

Please also list the status of your manuscript. If it has been published, enter (e.g.): Published in JMCB 29, 117-29. If the manuscript is a revised version of an earlier working paper, enter (e.g.): Previously circulated as Rutgers Working Paper #20088-23 or: Revised June 2008. If the paper has not been published or previously circulated, just leave the status field blank.