Certificate in Computational Economics and Data Analytics:  This concentration provides students with a deep background in advanced tools for analysis of economic data, including traditional regression methods commonly used in economics, as well as more computationally intensive methods, such as machine learning.  Students completing this certificate will be well-prepared for positions in a wide range of business and government organizations where high through-put analysis of incoming data is valued.  The certificate is also an excellent preparation for graduate study in economics or decision sciences, particularly for areas where computational modeling of economic decision making and analysis of data from decision making is the focus.  Students can choose from advanced econometrics and theory courses in economics.    Students planning to pursue this certificate should have a strong aptitude and interest in both econometrics and economic theory, and are recommended to complete econometrics (01:220:322) and calculus II (01:640:136 or 152) as early as possible.  As for all of the certificate programs in economics, a total of four courses, each with a grade of B or better, are required, as well as an overall g.p.a. of at least 3.0.  This certificate may be completed either through selection of appropriate electives, as part of the Major in Economics, or by completing three additional courses beyond those required for the Minor in Quantitative Economics. 


01:220:420 Computational Methods for Research in Economics

Data Methods electives (at least one from this list):

01:220:421 Economic Forecasting and Big Data

01:220:422 Advanced Econometrics for Microeconomic Data (formerly 401)

01:220:423 Advanced Time Series and Financial Economics (formerly 400)

01:220:424 Machine Learning for Economics 

Economic Theory electives (at least one from this list):

01:220:410 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory

01:220:480 Behavioral and Experimental Economics

01:220:481 Economics of Uncertainty

01:220:482 Game Theory and Economics

01:220:483 Games, Markets and Information

01:220:485 Advanced Microeconomic Theory

01:220:488 Networks and Complexity in Economics 

Faculty Advisor for the Certificate in Computational Economics and Data Analytics: Barry Sopher