High School/Hometown: Bridgewater / Raritan Regional High School

Year of RU Graduation: 2008

Current Position: Johnson & Johnson

What are they doing?

Finance Leadership Development Program, Johnson & Johnson. The program consists of three 8 month rotations at different subsidiary companies and focuses on different positions within finance.

Most Useful Economics Course at Rutgers?

Introduction to Microeconomics. It has a very broad scope and sets a firm foundation for many of the other courses that follow. I had the opportunity to take the honors section, so the class was somewhat smaller, but overall I felt that the class was extremely useful. {slider Professor each Economics Student should take?}I would highly recommend several professors, particularly Professor Altshuler. I had Professor Altshuler for Economics of Taxation and the best part about the class was her enthusiasm and the experience that she brought to the table. She has had great experience in the field, even serving on the President's Panel for Tax Reform, and her insights greatly enhanced the classroom learning experience. {slider Best Thing about being an Economics Major at Rutgers?}I was originally thinking about entering the Business School when I came to Rutgers, but after a discussion with Professor Sheflin, I was convinced that Economics was the route for me. I wanted to pursue a double major (Economics & Spanish) and if I were to have gone to the Business School I would only have been able to minor in Spanish unless I took a significant amount of extra courses. Overall, it was a great decision. Although I plan on going to Business School in the future, I feel that majoring in Economics as an undergraduate has afforded me so many more opportunities than most other majors could have. There are so many different classes that you can take and more than anything else they teach you how to think. Although I've learned some important theories and concepts that I surely will never forget, I think that many of the classes greatly enhanced my analytical skills. There is also a great faculty and a true emphasis on students.

Best Thing about being an Economics Major at Rutgers?

There are so many different types of courses offered and great professors to learn from.


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