Gary OetersHigh School/Hometown: Sparta High School / Sparta, NJ

Year of RU Graduation: 2005

Current Position: Research and Development in Portfolio Analytics, Bloomberg, LP

What are they doing?

Research and Development in Portfolio Analytics, Bloomberg LP. I work on a team that specializes in creating the next generation of portfolio analytics that our customer base accesses through the Bloomberg Professional Service. We give our customers a wide array of tools to analyze their holdings, including distribution reports, risk exposure, and portfolio attribution and optimization.

Most Useful Economics Course at Rutgers?

Econometrics. It teaches you to approach economics problems in an extremely analytical way.

Professor each Economics Student should take?

Professor Sheflin for Intro Macro or Money and Banking. A very refreshing approach to teaching economics.

Best Thing about being an Economics Major at Rutgers?

There are a large number of very interesting professors and classes available and it offers you an education that is extremely applicable to a vast array of jobs after graduation.


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